Maximising research investment

We apply our know-how and expertise in scientific evaluation as a knowledge-based service provider for charities, governments, SMEs, angel investors and venture capitalists to get the most out of their funding.

We work with you to provide answers in the following ways.

What to fund?

Expert-led identification of the most deserving areas to fund, that will also deliver the best return on investment, with the benefit of increased confidence in achieving stated objectives from the outset.

Are you achieving your objectives?

  • Reviews of funding portfolio at an agreed frequency, utilising financial and economic modelling, to ensure that funding outputs are in line with your strategic objectives
  • Reviews of performance against stated objectives, key performance indicators (KPIs) and other key metrics including turnaround time and value for money
  • Reviews of fund management, including management costs versus scale of funding and results.

What is the effect of a change?

Qualitative and quantitative assessment of any change to activity or understanding arising from funding, including project-specific metrics and key stakeholder surveys.

Impact and benefits for stakeholders?

  • Comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analysis of funding impact, so that benefits to key stakeholders can be more clearly articulated or otherwise cascaded
  • Support for your evaluation of impact, through identification, capture and interrogation of the narrative, financial and numerical evidence you request to demonstrate the outcomes of your investment
  • Measures of a broad range of funding impact indicators at required intervals, including health and wellbeing, the environment, knowledge, technological advancement and commerce
  • Themed case studies, infographics and other means to highlight achievements.

Are we effective?

Quantitative performance data to demonstrate our effectiveness in administration of your investment.

To learn more about how we could manage your scheme or other research investment, please email