Sample prep reagents and instruments

As the throughput capacity of analytical systems increases significantly and the generation of data from different methods of analysis are integrated into a standard workflow, the role of sample preparation becomes increasingly important. Sample preparation is a key step in producing high quality nucleic acids suitable for next generation sequencing (NGS) and a range of other downstream applications. Sample material like human blood, plant (leaves or seeds), livestock, bacterial cultures and others vary greatly in consistency, volume, and viscosity, and inhibitors and general cell components such as sugars, proteins, or fatty acids need to be removed during the purification process.

Our technologies and tailor made kits

To provide the most efficient and effective extraction or purification method, LGC, Biosearch Technologies offers not only a range of different technologies (sbeadex: magnetic beads; Kleargene: column spin plates; QuickExtract: direct PCR; MasterPure precipitation), but also the capacity to develop tailor-made kit systems optimised to a particular application. Our high-sensitivity DNA and RNA extraction and purification kits have been developed to help you perform even the most demanding applications with ease.

Purification solution

It is the steadily increasing sample throughput and the need for automation and standardization, which are to a large extent, driving the demand for instruments. Only instruments like the oKtopure enable users to purify DNA from thousands of samples per day and be considered as a purification and plate stamping “workhorse”. Combined with the sbeadex chemistry, the oKtopure provides flexibility and savings through tailored solutions supported by our Applications Team and delivers the perfect “fit-for-purpose” purification solution