Research grade and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) oligonucleotides

Whether you need research-grade, product design verification and validation, or GMP-compliant oligonucleotides, we manufacture to the highest standards in a cost-effective manner and with rapid turnaround times to enable your timely project completion. Our product line of custom oligonucleotides range from research-grade oligos and expand to include application specific assays, GMP probes, and GMP services. Our customers can also simplify their qPCR by sampling from our diverse line of BHQ® (Black Hole Quencher®) probes as well as other labels that afford complete quenching in a format tailored to deliver optimal results across a broad range of qPCR/PCR applications.  

Personal service

Our fully integrated, flexible manufacturing platforms and incoming quality control assures every component that goes into your assay is carefully handcrafted and molded to your specifications. With our Concierge Service, our scientists are able to provide you with suggestions on assay design that will provide a seamless transition from your initial pilot studies through to full-scale production.

GMP services

Our GMP oligos and suite of GMP services enable you to transition from pilot to full-scale production batches quickly, without the disruptive fluctuations in quality that cost you time and effort; putting you ahead of the game and, thus, allowing you to go to market faster and with confidence.