Molecular biology reagents

Simplify your molecular biology experiments with easy-to-use cloning systems, protein expression kits, and enzymes offering superior performance and value.

Our optimised cloning kits and super-efficient competent cell strains are designed to help you improve cloning efficiencies, stabilise the most difficult DNA sequences, and dramatically increase recombinant protein expression and solubility. Customised manufacturing of chemical or electrocompetent cell strains is available, delivered in plates or tubes that suit your needs.

We also carry kits for random DNA or bacterial mutagenesis, which are ideal for strain engineering, sequencing and promoter insertion. Other applications include in vitro or in vivo mutagenesis, with several kits based on gold-standard EZ-Tn5 Transposase.

Robust amplification enzymes and master mixes for both routine and demanding PCR applications are available, and we also carry a number of related enzymes well-suited for isothermal amplification workflows.

Broad enzyme offering

Finally, our broad enzyme offering includes high quality standard molecular biology enzymes, as well as unique ligases, nucleases, and polymerases. Our enzymes are manufactured under ISO 13485 guidelines and are available in customised concentrations and formulations.