April 2014

We have just completed one Billion KASP genotyping PCRs!

Winners of our Billionth PCR competition include groups from all over the world. Some are working on “research to nourish Africa” and others have been genotyping with us for more than a decade!

The winning project belonged to Dr. Ranjana Bhattacharjee, a plant genetics researcher working in Nigeria to genotype Cacao varieties with us in the framework of the IIATA consortium. The consortium is striving to find the most suitable cacao variety to distribute to african farmers in their mission to solve the problem of food security in Africa. They stated that the collaboration with LGC is "a crucial step for their mission”. Ranjana and her team have won the equivalent of $3200 to attend a conference of their choice as well as a reduction on their next project and a personal journal subscription.
The runners up include Nicholas Timpson, Reader in Genetic Epidemiology  at the university of Bristol. LGC Genomics has an ongoing collaboration with him performing DNA extraction and genotyping for the avon longitudinal study of parents and children (ALSPAC) that has provided a vast amount of genetic and environmental information over the years. This resource is assisting scientists all over the world with research into a wide range of health problems. Other runners up include the Jackson Laboratories who not only performed the first ever KASP genotyping service project with LGC but are still genotyping with us today!