June 2021

TNAC wins Best COVID-19 Responder award

The Native Antigen Company (TNAC), part of LGC's Clinical Diagnostics business unit, was delighted to receive Best COVID-19 Responder at the 2020 OBN Awards this month for their efforts in supporting the research and development of diagnostics and vaccines for COVID-19.

​​In February 2020, TNAC released the world's first commercially available SARS-CoV-2 Spike subunit 1 and 2 antigens, just 35 days after the genome was published, and has since developed an extensive range of antigens, antibodies, receptors and kits for SARS-CoV-2 and other human coronaviruses. 

TNAC's reagents have been used by a wide range of IVD, biopharmaceutical, academic and public health groups in fundamental research, through to the development of cutting-edge diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines. 

The award​ comes as deserved recognition for the Kidlington team's hard work and the positive impact their efforts have had on global public health. 

Dr Nick Roesen, Chief Operating Officer, The Native Antigen Company, said, “To be recognised by this prestigious award is testament to our hard work and progress over the past year. Central to stemming the transmission of disease is the availability of high-quality reagents for diagnosis, antibody testing and the development of safe and effective vaccines. Our commitment to supplying vital reagents, especially in such challenging and unprecedented times, is a proud achievement. We look forward to continuing this work to expand our support for infectious disease research."