November 2017

LGC Genomics develops solution for genotyping thousands of markers

As part of their range of genotyping by sequencing technologies, LGC Genomics has developed SeqSNP®, a highly efficient novel end-to-end service for targeted genotyping using thousands of SNP markers.  The service allows customers to accelerate their animal and plant breeding and bring their products to market faster.

Currently, barriers to employing genomic selection include the expense of investing in the analysis, ‘big data’ storage requirements and the genotypic and phenotypic data required.  In short, effective implementation of genomic selection can be expensive and requires specialist skills.

Joris Parmentier, Product Marketing Manager, Genomics, LGC, points out, “There is great potential for genomic prediction to accelerate breeding programs for our customers and at LGC we are continually developing novel cost-effective solutions to support our customers in implementing their breeding strategies”.

SeqSNP® lowers day-to-day operation costs and accelerates breeding cycles by months, or even years. The service provides customers with more information sooner, resulting in earlier identification of the traits they wish to bring to market more quickly.

In addition to lower costs and reduced number of breeding cycles, key features include high marker numbers, flexible marker selection, limited setup costs, de-novo variant detection, and compatibility with high-throughput genotyping methods such as KASP genotyping and qPCR methods utilising BHQ® probes.

SeqSNP is a service optimized for genotyping thousands of markers with any number of samples. Unlike traditional restriction enzyme-based genotyping by sequencing and array-based genotyping, with SeqSNP the markers can be selected by the customer.