February 2015

LGC’s robust plant sample kit improves data quality

LGC has launched its plant sample collection kit, with the aim of improving preservation of sample material and subsequently the quality of genotyping and sequencing data.
Developed and produced by LGC for plant researchers who need to collect and ship plant sample material for genetic testing, the kit contains all the materials required for convenient collection of plant samples. The kit also contains a desiccant that prevents deterioration of the plant material during shipping, allowing allows safe shipment of plant roots, seeds and leaf material in a reproducible manner.
Higher quality DNA results in higher quality genotyping data, which in turn allows breeders to call markers holding key trait information that may have been disregarded with poorer quality DNA.
Joris Parmentier, Product Manager, Genomics, LGC, said, “We are proud to launch this sample collection kit as it underlines our commitment to developing key genomic solutions for our customers. Our new kit is robust and allows sample collection in any environment, including in the field. LGC has a long history working with global consortia of plant researchers, as well as with the majority of the seed breeding companies in the world. In that time we’ve learnt that it all starts at the plant - in other words, improving the quality of the plant sample material has a positive effect throughout the breeding program. With this in mind we developed an easy-to-use kit for plant researchers, in order to ultimately improve the data quality.”