March 2021

National Measurement Laboratory and Learning Science launch virtual training on core laboratory skills

Praxis, a new interactive web-based training course providing engaging and cost effective practical skills for analytical scientists is now available. Developed in collaboration with the UK’s National Measurement Laboratory (NML-hosted by LGC) and Learning Science Ltd, Praxis provides eLearning modules on the measurement of mass, volume and pH, and on solution preparation – essential skills relevant to a wide range of sectors and educational levels.

Developing and maintaining an appropriately skilled workforce is key to the UK's strategic agenda, with chemical and biological measurement underpinning many sectors of the country’s economy. Equipping scientists with the practical skills required to make accurate measurements for diagnostics, therapeutics and consumer safety - to name but a few - is essential to maximise the UK’s capabilities across a broad range of industries and sectors.

Whether training new staff, or providing refresher training, Praxis allows users to develop their practical skills and apply their understanding to real-life scenarios before stepping into a laboratory. Available from anywhere with an internet connection, Praxis delivers independent learning at a user’s personal pace, and is accessible via a range of devices for maximum convenience. Users receive consistent auditable expert training, while reducing the teaching burden and minimising disruption to laboratory operations.

Praxis offers the opportunity to experience realistic laboratory scenarios through a mixture of interactive simulations, videos and worksheets. “A key feature of Praxis is the feedback given to users as they work through the practical simulations, and the exercises can be tried as many times as necessary”, explained Katherine Courtney-Powell, Training & Knowledge Transfer Executive at NML. “At the end of each topic there’s an assessment to test understanding and users receive a certificate on successful completion of the course”.

John Eastman, Technical Director at Learning Science said: “The highly interactive laboratory simulations at the heart of Praxis facilitate skills development by providing effective and engaging expert training in essential practical techniques. Praxis brings our core educational technology, which is used in universities across the world, to a new audience. We expect this to be of great benefit to the analytical community.”