June 2021

New hard drinking water reference material from NML at LGC traceable to the SI

The UK’s National Measurement Laboratory (NML), hosted at LGC, is pleased to announce the launch of a new certified reference material, LGC6028 Hard drinking water – metals (lower levels), with values traceable to the SI (International System of Units).

The elements present in drinking water are regulated through legislation. These limits ensure the water is safe for the consumer, thus, it is important for the drinking water industry to meet these standards.

The NML team at LGC has produced drinking water reference materials for many years, developing hard and soft drinking water materials containing elements at the regulation limits. The important new reference material is characterised for 26 elements at levels lower than the regulation limits, which more closely resembles the samples laboratories see in routine testing.

Gill Holcombe, Head of the Reference Material Production Team, NML at LGC, said, “We are happy that our reference material has been produced within LGC’s scope of accreditation to ISO 17034. The material will be useful for laboratories as part of their quality assurance system when measuring elements in water at these more challenging low levels.”

The material was characterised through measurements carried out at the NML and an inter-laboratory study that involved 26 different national and international laboratories.

Despite the need for these measurements in the industry, there are very few reference materials on the market with this range of elements and at these levels. This innovative new Reference Material addresses that need and helps laboratories carry out reliable analyses in drinking water, ultimately ensuring safer products for consumers.

The Hard drinking water – metals (lower levels) is available to purchase from LGC Standards (product reference LGC6028).