July 2019

New measurement centre set to open in Scotland

A new centre for advanced measurement research and health translation is to open in Glasgow to support innovation in the medicine, food and drink, and high-value manufacturing sectors.

The centre is being created as part of an ambitious, long-term collaboration between the University of Strathclyde and LGC, the UK’s world-leading institute for chemical and bio-measurement, focused on Scotland’s health and life sciences innovation ecosystem.

It will provide a base for joint research projects and innovation in measurement, supporting industry to improve reliability, safety, productivity and ultimately, economic growth in a wide range of areas, from clinical diagnostics to innovative new food products. Further, it will provide Scotland with a more productive future workforce through the education and training of scientists and engineers.

Dr Julian Braybrook, Director of Measurement Science at the National Measurement Laboratory at LGC, and the UK’s Government Chemist, said: “LGC and the University of Strathclyde already deliver independent leading research environments and solutions for applied markets.

“Working together, this partnership can bring truly disruptive technology opportunities for priority areas of health and wellbeing for Scotland.”

Scotland has a long history of innovation, particularly in the biotechnology sector. The centre’s initial focus will be on:

  • Measurements for digital health and wellbeing through fast, non-destructive and quantitative molecular and chemical imaging analysis
  • Commercial learning and adoption of best measurement practice for manufacturing of foods and beverages, chemicals and biotechnology products

Professor Sir Jim McDonald, Principal of the University of Strathclyde, said: “Many ideas from research in universities find routes to application and impact through strategic collaboration between industry partners and start-ups of all scales.

“We are pleased to be hosting this strategic partnership with LGC, which will accelerate growth and innovation in the strategic theme of health and wellbeing, providing a powerful platform to engage the SME and start-up community in the sector.”  

The new centre will be based at the University, which is at the heart of Glasgow City Innovation District. Opened earlier this year, the District is attracting significant numbers of companies and organisations looking to nurture and accelerate growth, improve productivity, and access world-class research, technology and talent from the University.