February 2016

LGC announces new crab paste reference material

There are currently few fresh fish or seafood matrix reference materials commercially available, despite their importance in monitoring nutritional components and potentially toxic contaminant elements such as lead or cadmium in these products.
In order to address this issue, LGC, the UK’s Designated Measurement Institute for chemical and bio-measurement, has developed a new crab paste certified reference material (CRM): LGC7164.
The new CRM is a canned ‘wet’ fresh crab matrix (140 g), analogous to the consumer products under test in routine laboratories, providing certified values for a wide selection of analytes including the major constituents, elements of nutritional interest, and contaminant elements. This material has been produced under LGC’s accreditation to ISO Guide 34 as a Reference Material Producer. An assessment of the material’s homogeneity and stability was made as part of the project.
The intended use of this material is for the development, validation and quality control of methods for the analysis of seafood products, as well as for monitoring the performance of analysts. It may also be used when analysing similar products where more closely matched reference materials are not available
For further information, or to purchase LGC7164, please contact our sales team.

The production of this material was supported under the UK National Measurement System

LGC is the UK’s Designated Measurement Institute for chemical and bio-measurement.