January 2022

LGC's site in Berlin wins "most family-friendly workplace" award

LGC's Berlin site has once again been ranked top in the local competition 'Most family-friendly workplace'. ​​​​

It is the second successive year that we have been awarded the most family-friendly / work-life-balance-oriented employer in the southeast area of Berlin, beating 15,000 local companies.   

Among Berlin's 12 boroughs, Treptow-Köpenick is the largest district by area. 15,000 companies are commercially registered and our Berlin site was up against all those who applied for the most family-friendly workplace. Having always achieved a Top 3 ranking, we finally won the award in 2020 and successfully defended the title in 2021. 

Steffi Ulrich, Senior Site Director says: “This is another amazing - as well as encouraging - achievement in these special times. The pandemic continued causing all of us huge challenges, while at the same time the business continued growing and we did require a lot of commitment and engagement from our staff. While LGC has proven to be a reliable partner to our employees, the way was smoothed by the strong foundation of an incredible team spirit and empathy across all teams. I am personally incredibly proud of my Berlin team, as this invaluable attitude and commitment cannot be taken for granted. This is clearly a team award!"  

The €500 prize money will be donated to a local charity in the district.