July 2017

Meridian2 delivers high throughput liquid handling for PCR

LGC announces the launch of Meridian2, the next generation liquid dispensing system. 

The Meridian2 liquid dispensing system provides a non-contact, on-the-fly dispenser suited to a wide range of dispensing applications, including reagents for genotyping and standard PCR.

This next model in the Meridian2 product solution adds two plate positions for enhanced efficiency and, throughout, integrated barcode reading and automated mixing of assays. The Meridian2 easily integrates into laboratories with existing SNPline automation or other Meridian instruments.

Mark Dearden, VP Strategy and Marketing, Genomics, LGC said, “The Meridian2 is another innovative solution for our customers. The Meridian2 addresses the common issue of accurately and cost effectively dispensing reagents with increased throughput.  As part of the SNPline system of modular laboratory instrumentation, the Meridian2 is a key component in LGC’s unrivalled solution for laboratories generating flexible high-quality genotyping data, helping us towards our vision of using our science for a safer world.”

The Meridian2 accurately dispenses the low 1 μL volume into a 1536-well plate in less than 45 seconds, with a CV of less than 5%, and the vacuum-based aspiration system allows multi-plate dispense for increased efficiency.  Its innovative tip design provides both strength and cost effectiveness.  The non-contact dispense eliminates potential for cross contamination to remove the requirement for disposable pipette tips

For more information on the Meridian2, SNPline or LGC’s other innovative genomics solutions, please contact us here