April 2020

KeyGene and LGC, Biosearch Technologies extend license for Sequence-Based Genotyping technology

KeyGene and LGC announced today that they have extended their service license agreement to exploit KeyGene’s Sequence-Based Genotyping (SBG) technology for lab services.

LGC, Biosearch Technologies retains a worldwide non-exclusive license for the commercial offering and use of KeyGene's patented SBG technology, broadly recognised for its application for genetic analyses in plants, animals, micro-organisms and model species to, for example, characterise genomic diversity and improve traits.

Marcus Wills, Global Strategic Marketing Director, LGC, Biosearch Technologies, said, “We are delighted to be extending this successful partnership. KeyGene is a renowned market leader and technology innovator, and we see the continued presence of the SBG methodologies within our service offering as another significant step in serving the complete genotyping and marker discovery needs of our customers”.

Arjen van Tunen, CEO of KeyGene, said, “Through the renewal of the license agreement with LGC, our Sequence Based Genotyping technology is once again licensed to a major player in life sciences. Being applied at LGC, our technology will continue to be used for their customers, who are working on healthy food, improved crops and sustainable environments.”

This licence extension highlights LGC, Biosearch Technologies’ capabilities for supporting their customers’ breeding workflow and Next Generation Sequencing-based genotyping. They have recently signed partnership deals with Arbor Biosciences and Swift Biosciences to collaborate in genetic testing and marker discovery as well as targeted sequencing technology, as they continue to deliver custom sequencing solutions for the worldwide AgBio market.