July 2017

LGC upgrades Dr. Ehrenstorfer portfolio

LGC has today launched an upgrade and a new look for its Dr. Ehrenstorfer™ range of products.
The Dr. Ehrenstorfer range now includes a growing number of reference standards manufactured under LGC’s ISO Guide 34 scope of accreditation, and new outer packaging and ampoules.
The improved packaging, which uses cardboard with an upgraded cellophane layer to help prevent moisture uptake, delivers greater packaging integrity, providing greater stability against humidity or condensation. 
In addition, a new, safer ampoule makes the products easier and safer for LGC’s customers to use, particularly important for some of the less stable compounds and solutions.  The new ampoule is safer to open as it requires much less breaking force and has a cleaner breaking zone.
Euan O’Sullivan, Managing Director, LGC’s Standards division, said, “I am delighted to announce these updates to the Dr. Ehrenstorfer range of products. This progression has been delivered following engagement with our customers and helps convey all that is great about the products today and for the future. The Dr. Ehrenstorfer portfolio includes standards that are recognised throughout the world for their quality and suitability for use in a variety of residue analyses; the ongoing development of this portfolio is in line with LGC’s vision of science for a safer world.”