February 2010

LGC Standards puts more drug discovery tools in your belt

LGC Standards has launched a new absorbtion, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) toxicology guide comprising a unique collection of labelled and unlabelled reagents and standards, as well as important biological model systems.

The Tools for ADME/Tox guide provides reference to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines and has specifically been developed for preclinical drug discovery and development scientists working across the spectrum of ADME and toxicology preclinical drug discovery and research.

The guide’s quick reference tables provide details of key metabolising enzymes with relevant substrates, metabolites, inhibitors and inducers. These tables then link to an alphabetical product listing which enable researchers to easily locate the specific reference standards and reagents required for their assays. The listing includes FDA Drug Development and Drug interaction guidance listing substrates, inhibitors and inducers as either preferred or acceptable. A significant number of metabolite standards are also available both labelled and unlabelled, with each product format’s availability clearly indicated.

The guide comprises a collection of model systems commonly used in preclinical drug discovery research. The range includes fresh hepatocytes from a series of species, available the day after isolation and key immortalised cell lines such as Caco-2 (HTB-37™) and primary cells from ATCC®.

LGC Standards has developed strong partnerships with many of the world’s leading standards and reference material producers. These partnerships, combined with our own recognised and accredited production capabilities, positions LGC Standards as a key supplier to both research and quality control laboratories across a diverse range of industries. LGC Standards in partnership with ATCC has supplied biological cultures and bio products to the European life science research community for almost 10 years.

To obtain your copy of the new Tools for ADME/Tox resource guide, please contact LGC Standards by email at pharma@lgcstandards.com or telephone: +44 (0)20 8943 8480.

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About LGC Standards

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