April 2017

LGC Standards continuing to provide NMIA’s vital underpinning for quality in sports drug testing

LGC Standards is delighted to announce that their agreement to distribute the National Measurement Institute of Australia (NMIA)’s reference materials (RMs) has been renewed, allowing customers continuing access to the NMIA’s expanding range of specialist RMs in four key areas: forensic drugs, sports drugs, pesticides and veterinary materials.
The NMIA is a world renowned National Measurement Institute (NMI). It has NATA accreditation for chemical reference materials production and is fully compliant with ISO Guide 34. In particular, the NMIA is a leading centre of expertise for sports drugs testing, playing a vital role in supporting the work of the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA). Their wide range of reference materials for sports drugs analysis is concentrated around steroids and their metabolites, but includes many other relevant materials.
NMIA’s forensic reference material portfolio includes pure substance materials for the analysis of drugs such as amphetamines, cocaine, heroin and ephedrine as well as a wide range of related compounds, their precursors, intermediates, metabolites, profiling impurities, manufacturing identifiers and surrogates. They also conduct forensic testing and profiling of illicit drugs to provide intelligence to law enforcement agencies in Australia.
Jon Yeung, Chief Operating Officer, LGC Standards, said, “LGC Standards is delighted to extend our NMIA reference material distribution agreement. NMIA bring leading expertise in the field of forensic and sports drug testing and share LGC’s vision of science for a safer world.”
The NMIA’s RMs are internationally recognised state-of-the-art materials, each accompanied by a certificate of analysis (CoA) documenting certified property values, including uncertainty statements. All assigned values are fully traceable to the international system of units and each product is supported by a comprehensive analysis report, together with homogeneity and stability studies.
The NMIA’s materials complement LGC Standards’ already broad range of reference materials.
For full details of available NMIA materials click here.