November 2020

LGC partners with IAG to become an exclusive distributor of SdAR soil RMs

LGC’s Industrials team has recently partnered with the International Association of Geoanalysts (IAG) to become an exclusive distributor of SdAR sediment reference materials (RMs).

These RMs are a unique series of three sediments with low (SdAR-L2), medium (SdAR-M2) and high (SdAR-H1) concentrations of trace metals. They have been designed specifically to represent sediments and soils that may be encountered, for example, during mineral exploration and environmental monitoring of industrial pollution or mining discharge.  

These products are intended for use in the calibration of field portable XRF instruments, as well as reference materials in laboratory analysis. In particular, they have been designed to closely resemble NIST 2709, 2710 and 2711 soil SRMs and provide a lower cost alternative to the NIST SRMs. These products have recently been enhanced with additional data derived from aqua regia selective extraction procedures. This will make these RMs particularly helpful to laboratories involved in environmental analysis and mineral exploration to monitor data quality from procedures based on the commonly used aqua regia extractions.