March 2017

LGC National Measurement Laboratory role assessed “internationally leading”

We are extremely proud to announce that in a recent independent International Science Review of the larger UK National Measurement System (NMS) laboratories, our current Designated Institute role for chemical and bio-measurement has been shown to be “internationally leading”, delivering very high quality metrological services of very high impact.

Derek Craston, Chief Scientific Officer, LGC, commented that, “This outcome reflects the passion, commitment and high scientific quality of the individuals delivering our National Measurement System activities and clearly demonstrates the global position LGC holds in the metrology community.”

In addition to assessing the scientific quality and impact of the NMS, this International Science Review provided valuable recommendations to ensure we maintain and further improve upon our current internationally leading position. Where there is not current activity already in place as part of our continuous improvement programme, we will look carefully to see how these can best be addressed.

We would like to express our thanks to both the Review Board and the Expert Reviewers who assessed LGC’s science and impact for their time and commitment in performing this review.