October 2021

LGC, Biosearch Technologies testing workflow underpins expansion of COVID-19 testing in New York

LGC’s Nexar workflow continues to enable simple, scalable, and cost-effective testing with the recently announced expansion in the New York City area.  Northwell Health, the largest health system in New York state, has recently announced commencement of a programme for low-cost, highly-reliable, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing, ultimately enabling access to their entire healthcare network and their associated communities

The test utilizes LGC’s Nexar platform and has been submitted for review under the U.S. FDA’s Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) programme. The workflow, configured to run 100,000 diagnostic tests per day per system, is intended to support the automated processing of self-collected or healthcare provider-collected nasal swab samples. Following collection, samples would be submitted to a clinical laboratory such as Northwell for processing and analysis.

LGC’s Nexar instrument can be configured for many different PCR applications, enabling flexible scalability with the ability to process up to 150,000 tests per day per system - the highest PCR testing capacity per system worldwide.

Mark Dearden, Managing Director, LGC, Biosearch Technologies, said, “LGC is pleased to be able to use our technology to underpin innovative testing solutions. I am proud that our proven PCR technology provides leading testing capacity and scalability, whilst also enabling substantial savings for our customers. PCR remains the gold standard for testing, and the application of the Nexar coupled with an automation-friendly collection device removes processing bottlenecks and enhances the workflow solution making this gold standard much more accessible to a wide population.”

Dwayne Breining, MD, executive director of Northwell Health Labs, said, “Diagnostic testing has been a crucial step in combating the virus. This affordable, self-administered swab is a game changer in the fight against COVID-19. We can process specimens quickly and cheaply, helping to stop the spread of COVID-19 in its tracks.”

Mark Dearden agreed, adding, “Ultra-high throughput testing is an essential tool and can make a meaningful difference to people’s lives. We have enjoyed partnering with Northwell and the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation to make this possible, and are excited about additional opportunities to deploy this capability worldwide.”