March 2017

LGC helps NHS England launch a Knowledge Transfer Partnership for clinical leaders in healthcare science

LGC has joined two other National Measurement System (NMS) laboratories - the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) - in launching a new Knowledge Transfer Partnership with The Office of the Chief Scientific Officer, NHS England.

The 12-month development programme, aimed at clinical leaders in healthcare science, was launched at the Chief Scientific Officer’s (CSO) Conference, held at the Francis Crick Institute, on 7 March.

The CSO's Knowledge Transfer Partnership offers a unique opportunity for healthcare scientists to build long-term partnerships between clinical, research and industry teams through collaboration at a senior level with partner organisations within the UK's National Measurement System (NMS). Through facilitating interaction and knowledge exchange, the programme aims to speed up the identification and dissemination of new, high-value approaches to improving patient outcomes and increasing efficiency.

Those selected for the programme will work with three of the institutes that deliver the NMS:  LGC, NPL and NIBSC. These institutes are involved in a wide range of research activities that support medical science, such as cancer therapies, medical imaging, wound management, regenerative medicine and cell therapies. Their work includes validating new analytical techniques, reference standards, metrology for cell and gene therapy and diagnostics for precision medicine, including genomics.

The 12-month programme is designed to enable senior healthcare scientists to remain in clinical service while exchanging skills and expertise with NMS scientists to create, expand, test or implement innovative ideas to improve patient care.

During the programme, which starts in July 2017, successful candidates will also have the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills through development coaching provided by The King’s Fund and to build their networks by joining other senior leaders and CEOs at The King’s Fund annual leadership summit and speaking at next year’s Chief Scientific Offer’s Conference. 

Applicants will be selected based on their track record of research and quality improvement and their potential to make a difference in their current and future roles. The judging panel will also seek evidence of a strong commitment to inspiring the next generation of healthcare scientists.

Dr Julian Braybrook, Director of Measurement Science, LGC, said,“I am delighted for LGC’s NMS Laboratory to be involved in this Partnership scheme. Novel health technologies and products have the potential to change the face of patient healthcare. With clinical measurements fundamental to patient diagnostics and therapeutics, sharing knowledge between NHS and NMS scientists has never been so important.”

Dr Martyn Sené, Deputy Chief Executive of the National Physical Laboratory, said, "At the National Physical Laboratory we are passionate about using measurement to accelerate innovation in healthcare, building confidence in new technologies to enable more rapid adoption. We are delighted to have this opportunity to work in partnership with NHS scientists to share knowledge and address shared challenges.”
Christian Schneider, NIBSC Director, said, "NIBSC possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the standardisation of biological medicines and clinical diagnostics. As we enter a period of enhanced and improved diagnostic capability across a range of health sciences, it is essential that such measurements be robust, discriminating and clearly linked to correct diagnosis and appropriate therapy. We welcome the opportunity to work alongside our NHS colleagues to support scientific and technological advances that can translate into practice to safeguard public health.”  
For more information about the Knowledge Transfer Partnership please click here