December 2016

LGC genomics team tops DNA sequencing services rankings for seventh time in nine years

LGC has once again achieved first place in the Reference Institute for Bioanalytics (RfB) bi-annual proficiency test for its Sanger Sequencing capabilities. This the seventh time in nine years that LGC’s sequencing labs in Berlin have secured the coveted top spot in the rankings – underlining the expertise of the Berlin sequencing team.
The RfB is one of two German proficiency testing organisations officially tasked by the German Medical Association to assess the proficiency of sequencing services as part of their external quality control programme.
The RfB provided each of the 67 participants with two PCR-products and associated primer sets and asked to sequence, edit and analyse the raw data. The results from each laboratory were ranked according to accuracy and longest read length. LGC’s sequencing team achieved the highest score for overall technical performance.
 “We are delighted to share this external proof of the high quality we consistently provide to our valued customers on a daily basis,” commented Steffi Ulrich, Head of Operations at the LGC Genomics facility in Berlin. “It is a great testament to the expertise and dedication of our sequencing team and we are grateful for all their hard work.”
Participating labs in the SQ 2/16 proficiency test were from Germany (33), France (8), The Netherlands (6), Austria (4), Czech Republic (2), Denmark (2), Italy (2), Latvia (2), Portugal (2), Canada (1), Finland (1), Hungary (1), Israel (1), Switzerland (1) and United Kingdom (1).*
*22 of the 67 participating laboratories intended to also perform medical interpretation of their results. LGC did not participate in this section.