November 2017

LGC expands Fordham site to bolster Bioanalytical and CMC capacity

Ampersand-backed Alliance Pharma have now acquired LGC’s Drug Development Solutions Business (“DDS”).

LGC is expanding its Bioanalytical and CMC analytical services capacity at its site in Fordham, Cambridgeshire.

In order to meet customer demand LGC has embarked on a three-year development plan. The first phase began in July 2017 and has just been completed, with the addition of 170m2 new laboratories for large molecule bioanalysis.

Further stages involve the expansion of LGC’s other scientific based services and products in the pharmaceutical sector to build a world-leading capability for the benefit of its growing customer base.

Overall, the expansion plan anticipates a 50% increase of laboratories and office space, as well as increasing the number of employees by over 100. 

Dr Derek Craston, Chief Scientific Officer, LGC, said, “We’re really excited about the development and expansion of our Fordham site. This investment will initially support our large molecule bioanalysis business, and is part of our ongoing plan to take advantage of our strong analytical capabilities and help us address the needs of customers around the world.

"By investing in this area of our business LGC is very much reinforcing our core vision of ‘Science for a safer world’, and our customers will benefit from integrated analytical and manufacturing solutions spanning lead discovery through to the clinic and beyond.”

To find out more about the expansion project, check back for regular updates.