June 2022

LGC to distribute InBio’s food allergen reference materials and immunoassays

LGC is pleased to announce that it will act as global distributor of InBio’s purified food allergen reference materials.

This addition expands LGC’s offering to more than 180 allergen reference materials for a range of applications including method development and method verification. These unique reagents and assays have applications for food and beverage testing laboratories, food research institutes and the wider food industry for use in risk assessments.

In addition, LGC introduces InBio’s ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) 2.0 products, enabling food research laboratories to provide accurate advice to help shape allergen regulations.

Food allergies are an increasing global concern. Usually, allergic reactions involve an IgE triggered immune response of the body caused by allergen proteins. To protect affected consumers from exposure to allergens, regulations for labelling food & beverage products are in place, however the guidelines can vary significantly from country to country.

The National Measurement Laboratory team at LGC has worked with InBio to help support their allergen research.

Gill Holcombe, Head of Reference Material Production, LGC National Measurement Laboratory, said, “LGC’s existing allergens range, combined with InBio’s allergenic protein reference materials and ELISA 2.0 kits, will enable laboratories to quantify the specific food allergen proteins of clinical relevance in a wide variety of food matrices. The addition of these unique InBio products will provide the key proteins that the food allergy research market needs, enabling our customers to leverage our Science for a Safer World.”

For over 25 years, InBio (previously Indoor Biotechnologies) has specialised in environmental allergen detection systems and in genetically engineered allergens for research and for use in molecular diagnostics. InBio is internationally recognized for research on protein structure, function, and immune recognition. InBio has its headquarters in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, with extensive laboratory facilities also in Cardiff, Wales, UK.

InBio is a leading manufacturer of purified allergen materials and offers a range of ELISA 2.0 testing kits and laboratory services for allergy, asthma, and indoor air quality. Their use of high-quality reagents enabled them to create some of the industry’s most sensitive and reliable ELISA and multiplex MARIA immunoassays. These reagents and assays are well-suited for scientists in the food industry as well as diagnostic and therapeutic researchers.

In addition to the InBio allergenic proteins and ELISA kits, LGC offers a comprehensive range of high-quality allergen reference materials including: materials from globally renowned National Measurement Institutes (LGC National Measurement Laboratory (NML), The EU Joint Research Centre (JRC), Canada’s Conseil National de Recherches (NRC), and The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)) plus a wide variety of in-matrix allergen RMs from Food Allergens Lab (FAL) to enable laboratories to test their methods with food relevant matrix materials.

“The addition of these materials helps to support our customers’ testing as the allergens regulatory space continues to develop. We are continuously looking to support our customers’ needs with the addition of high-quality products such as these” commented Lyndsay Jones, Commercial Director, LGC Standards.