December 2017

LGC announces the release of a new certified reference material: Total chromium and chromium (III) in yeast (ERM®-BD213a)

In its capacity as the UK National Measurement Laboratory, LGC is pleased to announce the release of a new certified reference material (CRM) for chromium in yeast (ERM®-BD213a).

Chromium food supplements are becoming increasingly popular, yet the role of chromium and its variant forms in human physiology are not well understood. To better understand these effects, specifically the beneficial role of trivalent chromium (Cr(III)) in human metabolism and the carcinogenic role of hexavalent chromium, the different forms ingested via food and food supplements need to be identified and quantified. LGC’s release of this new reference material (ERM®-BD213a) will address the current lack of inorganic chromium species reference materials for food and food supplements.

ERM®-BD213a was certified for the mass fraction of total chromium (accredited to ISO/IEC 17025) and is characterised for Cr(III). This material has been accepted as a European Reference Material (ERM®) following peer-review.

The primary intended use of this reference material is for the evaluation and performance monitoring of new and existing methods for the quantification of total chromium in yeast. It can also be used for the performance monitoring of procedures for the quantification of chromium species in yeast. The material may also be applicable to other similar matrices where suitable reference materials are available.

This new certified reference material is available from LGC Standards.

For further information on this or any other materials please contact uksales@lgcstandards.com.

The production of this material was supported under the UK National Measurement System.