December 2020

LGC acquires SAFEFOOD 360°, expanding its supply chain assurance offering

Today, LGC announced the acquisition of Safefood 360°, the leading food safety and supplier management solutions platform.

The acquisition expands LGC’s supply chain assurance offering which includes BRCGS’ leading certification scheme, Informed Sport and Informed Choice nutritional supplement endorsement marks and AXIO Proficiency Testing.

Safefood 360° supports compliance with major food safety and supplier management requirements globally and offers users the opportunity to manage quality-reporting, workflow, documentation and audit requirements effectively and efficiently, as well as driving continuous improvement in operations.

Jon Yeung, Managing Director, Standards, LGC, said, “We are delighted to have added a best-in-class food safety and supplier management solutions platform to our supply chain assurance offering. Alongside our globally recognised supply chain assurance programmes, Safefood 360° provides leading digital product development capabilities for the food industry, an industry in which LGC is rightly proud of the work we do right across our organisation. We look forward to combining Safefood 360°’s expertise with LGC’s understanding of food and consumer safety to deliver unrivalled solutions for our customers.”

George Howlett, Chief Executive Officer of Safefood 360°, commented, “We are delighted to be joining LGC as an integral part of their fast growing supply chain assurance unit. Even more so, we are excited to join such a well-respected organisation that shares our purpose and mission, and one that will help us to deliver our objectives in supporting our customers by providing a deeper understanding of food and consumer safety, as well as developing solutions to deal with them.”

Formed in 2011, Safefood 360° is based in Dublin, Ireland and currently employs close to 30 people.

Safefood 360°’s web-based enterprise software currently comprises three solutions – food safety management, supplier management and manufacturers’ compliance – as well as more than 35 modules, BI platform and Integration APIs.