June 2015

Leading edge technologies for achieving better diagnostics

INFECT-MET is a project looking at how applying metrology could support the diagnosis of infectious diseases. Its aim is to investigate methods for accurate and reproducible measurements, to help the health sector, and provide a framework to support better diagnostics.

BIO-SITrace is looking at the enumeration of biological entities, specifically nucleic acids, cells and lipoprotein particles, to establish SI traceability to support comparability of clinical biomeasurements, focusing on circulating tumour cells and cell free DNA in cancer diagnostics and LDL detection for cardiovascular disease diagnostics. 
Jim Huggett and Helen Parkes, from the Measurement Research team, were recently interviewed by Splice-Bio (a blog run by informatics company Biosistemika) along with project collaborator Mojca Milavec, from the National Institute of Biology in Ljubljana, Slovenia. They explain the work being carried out under both projects and the impact that this could have for diagnostics manufacturers and clinicians. Listen to the podcast or read the transcript to find out more.