January 2017

Hydrocycler2 delivers high throughput thermal cycling for PCR

LGC announces the launch of Hydrocycler2, the next generation water bath thermal cycler.

The Hydrocycler2 combines throughput, efficiency and robust design to offer an effective alternative to traditional Peltier-based thermal cyclers. The multi-bath system allows labs to process more than 145,000 samples in an eight-hour day.

This next model in the Hydrocycler2 product solution features a smaller footprint, reduced setup costs and easier service. The Hydrocycler2 easily integrates into laboratories with existing SNPline automation or other Hydrocycler instruments.

Mark Dearden, VP Strategy and Marketing, Genomics, LGC said, “The Hydrocycler2 is another innovative solution for our customers. The Hydrocycler2 addresses the common issues of increasing throughput and achieving high data quality. It supports all common end-point chemistries and provides 40% faster cycling times than standard Peltier-based thermal cyclers since there is no need to ramp temperatures up or down during the PCR cycle.

“As part of the SNPline system of modular laboratory instrumentation, the Hydrocycler2 is a key component in LGC’s unrivalled solution for laboratories generating flexible high-quality genotyping data, helping us towards our vision of using our science for a safer world.”

The Hydrocycler2 holds temperatures more accurately for longer as its plates and arrays automatically move from one temperature bath to another. This allows for precision control and also helps to eliminate edge effect. In addition, the Hydrocycler is far more energy efficient relative to Peltier-based thermal cyclers, and generates very little heat, eliminating the need for a special air-conditioned environment.

 For more information on the Hydrocycler2, SNPlines or LGC’s other innovative genomics solutions, please contact us here or visit us at booth 119 at PAG.