March 2022

Government Chemist team contributes to food allergen guidance

The Government Chemist team, hosted at LGC, has collaborated with experts to develop quantitative risk assessment guidance for food allergens.

Representing the Government Chemist, Professor Michael Walker is co-chair of an International Life Sciences Institute, European section, ILSI Europe Expert Group on food allergen Quantitative risk assessment (QRA).

The expert group was created to attempt to achieve consensus on the methods needed for allergen QRAs by food business operators, and their implementation.

An electronic workshop was held in October 2020 with representatives from a wide range of food allergy and allergen stakeholder groups. The workshop identified that a summary of current best in class guidance, identified gaps, potential improvements & harmonization of allergen QRA arising largely from cross contact would be very beneficial.

The EG have now published an introduction to allergen QRA and an overview of inputs potentially needed for different QRA methods, when deemed feasible and necessary. 

For further info, please read the full story here.