October 2015

LGC and TraitGenetics global distribution deal expands genotyping service portfolio

LGC is delighted to have been appointed as TraitGenetics’ Global Distribution Partner for its array based SNP genotyping services. The agreement permits TraitGenetics to keep direct links to many customers while extending its reach especially to customers outside of Europe.

This agreement will see LGC offer array based SNP genotyping (Illumina and Affymetrix) from TraitGenetics to its global customer base as part of their expanded genotyping services portfolio supporting marker analysis services (MAS, MAB) for the plant breeding community - from SNP discovery to production and quality control.

Speaking after the recent International Wheat Conference in Sydney, Australia, Marcus Wills, Strategy and Marketing Director, Genomics, LGC, commented, “LGC is very excited to partner with TraitGenetics, another world-renowned company in the area of high-throughput genotyping, and to be able to now offer array based SNP genotyping services to complement our market leading KASP PCR based genotyping technology to further support global plant breeding research. LGC’s vision is ‘science for a safer world’ and our expertise enables customers to improve their crops and livestock quicker, better and more cost-effectively than any other technology. New plant varieties can now appear in fewer years as we maintain our efforts to combat the impending global food shortage.”

Dr. Martin Ganal, Managing Director of TraitGenetics, said, “We are excited to collaborate with LGC since our genotyping technologies complement each other and the distribution agreement extend our reach to new customers. TraitGenetics has a strong history and publication record in developing arrays for key commercial crops including wheat, maize, barley, Brassica, cotton, sunflower, pepper and tomato”.

TraitGenetics develops molecular markers and marker-associated technologies specifically tailored to the needs of breeding companies and provides the necessary assistance to use such technologies for accelerating breeding.

Since 2002, LGC has delivered well over a billion bespoke genotyping data points, using KASP and SNPLine technology, enabling plant breeders to identify and select drought- and disease-tolerant crop varieties, tailored to their individual environments.  Furthermore, as a result of designing more than 17,000 KASP assays for researchers and plant breeders, spanning 21 countries, LGC has generated and validated 12 KASP marker panels.