July 2015

LGC and UL establish alliance for enhanced verification of sports and athletic supplements

LGC and UL, a leading global safety science organisation, have created an enhanced supply chain verification programme for the sports and athletic supplements industry in North America..
LGC has more than 50 years' experience in the science of sports anti-doping. As well as testing sports supplements for substances prohibited in sport by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), LGC conducts doping control analysis for animal sports organisations across the world. It also offers a range of drug and alcohol abuse testing services.
Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice are LGC's certification programmes for sports supplements, ingredients and manufacturing facilities, which help assure athletes and general consumers that products carrying the programme marks have been regularly tested for substances prohibited by WADA.
“Quality assurance has become increasingly important for consumers of sports nutrition products, and in particular for athletes that are subjected to anti-doping tests,” said Terence O’Rorke, Director of Business Development, Sport and Specialised Analytical Services, LGC.  
“Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice are established marks in the sports nutrition industry and the alliance between UL and LGC will allow supplements companies to further enhance their levels of product testing", O'Rorke added.

"The alliance brings together two market leaders, and the combined experience and expertise, along with proven customer service, is an important development for both the sports supplements industry and consumers of their products.”
Analysis for the programmes is conducted at LGC’s laboratories in Lexington, Kentucky, USA and in Fordham, UK. Currently there are approximately 530 products registered on the programmes.
“Ongoing testing of products for label verification of content provides an essential step in product safety, quality, and performance, helping to ensure products are produced in compliance with applicable regulations and brand specifications," says Michael O'Hara, General Manager of Global Nutraceuticals for UL.
"When combined with third-party facility audits, performance enhancing doping and contaminant testing, companies demonstrate to consumers that you are taking steps to lead in the industry by having your products evaluated against UL’s highest standards for quality and integrity to place higher quality products in the marketplace”, O'Hara added.
Dietary supplement labelling is regulated for facts, ingredients, and truthfulness in claims. UL label verification testing and reviews assess product label information as it relates to the requirements for the appropriate Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) references, and identifies gaps and areas for improvement to help ensure compliance with US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) supplement regulation and industry standards.
UL helps manufacturers, packagers and distribution centres demonstrate conformance to International Organisation for Standardisation international standards, the CFR and regional requirements through Good Manufacturing Practices certification and audit services. UL offers facility and supply chain audits and certifications that promote conformance to the FDA's good manufacturing practices.
The addition of these programmes from UL to the Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice certification brings a new level of quality assurance and visibility to drive improved confidence to suppliers, retailers and consumers.