October 2019

Edan Diagnostics acquires molecular diagnostic point of care platform from LGC

Edan Diagnostics, Inc., a wholly own subsidiary of Edan Instruments, Inc., a world leader in the development and manufacture of bio-electronic devices and laboratory analyzers for medical diagnostics, and LGC, a global life science tools leader, announced today the sale of LGC’s ClariLight molecular diagnostics point of care (POC) platform to Edan.

The acquisition includes a partnership with LGC for the development of molecular diagnostic assays designed for Clarilight and the supply of enzymes and oligonucleotides required for manufacturing. The instrument and test cartridges will be developed, manufactured and marketed by Edan, and sold through its expanding global distribution network. The company anticipates the launch of its initial products within 2-3 years.

Brian Kim, President and Managing Director, LGC Biosearch Technologies, remarked, “LGC is pleased to see the ClariLight platform will be commercialized by Edan. In addition, we are delighted to form an ongoing partnership to help Edan bring to market the molecular diagnostic assays that will run on ClariLight. I believe our ongoing partnership with Edan, a leading medical device company, will benefit both companies.”

Zhang Hao, Edan CEO, remarked, “We believe that this acquisition will jump-start our entry into the rapidly growing, molecular diagnostic market. There is a growing need for this type of testing throughout the world. The opportunity to continue to work with LGC provides additional confidence that we will be able to launch our first products in this area as planned.”