November 2017

LGC Genomics partners with Diagenode to expand NGS offering

As part of the expansion of their Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) products and services, LGC’s Genomics division has signed a distribution with Diagenode to supply a range of state-of-the-art sonication systems for DNA fragmentation.

The agreement covers EMEA, South America and Canada for clinical and agricultural biotechnology market sectors and the United States for the agricultural biotechnology sector.

Brian Kim, President and Managing Director, Genomics Division, LGC, noted, “We are delighted to be able to announce this distribution agreement. These sonication systems are key additions to our product portfolio and allow us to provide our customers, globally, a critical step within the NGS workflow.  

“The distribution of the Diagenode suite of DNA shearing systems across the entire NGS workflow will support both agricultural biotechnology and human healthcare sectors in developing critical DNA sequencing data, helping us towards our vision of using our science for a safer world.”

Philippe Cronet, Business Unit Manager, Epigenetics, Diagenode, said “We are very pleased to have established this partnership with LGC. Combining our leading DNA shearing platforms with LGC’s solutions, allows us to strengthen our presence in key market sectors and contribute to the development of NGS applications in the agricultural biotech and human healthcare sectors.”

DNA shearing by sonication is considered the gold standard in DNA fragmentation. The innovative design of the Diagenode suite exposes each sample to the same level and intensity of energy to ensure searing consistency. The Bioruptor® is available in two models, the Bioruptor® Plus, specifically designed for ChIP-PCR and other applications, and the Bioruptor® Pico for ChIP-seq and NGS. The Megaruptor®, meanwhile, is the shearing device for the tightest distribution of long DNA fragments up to 75 KB in length, and the Diagenode One® is the desktop solution that provides optimal small volume DNA shearing for NGS.

For more information on the Diagenode sonication systems, or any of LGC’s other innovative genomics solutions, please email genomics@lgcgroup.com