January 2020

Arbor Biosciences and LGC, Biosearch Technologies partner on marker discovery and genotyping in agrigenomics

Arbor Biosciences, a division of Chiral Technologies, Inc. and worldwide leader in next generation sequencing (NGS) target enrichment, today announced a partnership with LGC, Biosearch Technologies. Together, the organisations will use their extensive resources for genetic testing and marker discovery to deliver custom sequencing solutions to the agrigenomics market.

Through the partnership, LGC, Biosearch Technologies will become the exclusive global provider of custom hybridisation-based targeted sequencing oligonucleotide panels powered by myBaits technology to commercial agricultural organisations and seed breeding companies. Arbor Biosciences will maintain their strong presence in academic and government research laboratories by continuing to serve these researchers with catalog and custom panels. Overall, the partnership will allow LGC, Biosearch Technologies to leverage their established relationships with commercial organisations by delivering a complimentary technology necessary for marker discovery in crop sciences.

Alison Devault, Director of Genomics at Arbor Biosciences stated “Custom hybridisation capture kits for targeted NGS have been our speciality for almost a decade, and perfectly complement LGC, Biosearch’s robust expertise with genotyping assays for commercial ag-bio applications. We are truly excited for this partnership that will allow both parties to better serve key clients and provide innovative, complete NGS solutions for the entire ag-bio genomics market.”

Mark Dearden, VP of Strategy and Marketing at LGC, Biosearch Technologies commented “The addition of custom hybridisation-based targeted sequencing panels to our portfolio adds a critical component to our NGS offering for the AgBio sector.  We are excited about taking this next step with Arbor Biosciences and will continue to invest to support our customers' mission critical applications.”