January 2020

We've published our new training programme for 2020

LGC is happy to share our brand new programme of analytical quality training courses for 2020, including our popular courses on Method Validation, Measurement Uncertainty and Statistics.

We have been offering training courses since 1997, when we first ran the ‘Estimating Measurement Uncertainty for Chemical Testing Laboratories’ course. This course was soon followed by the ‘Method Validation’ course in 1998, and we have not stopped running these courses since! Both method validation and uncertainty estimation are critical activities for testing laboratories, as they form part of the quality management framework required to ensure and demonstrate that test results are fit-for-purpose.

Method validation is the process which confirms that the chosen measurement procedure will be able to provide an answer to the analytical requirement, or in other words, will the measurement procedure produce results which are fit for the analytical purpose?

This process includes the evaluation of a number of performance parameters, such as precision, bias, limits of detection and quantification, working range and linearity, selectivity, and ruggedness. It can be a long and involved process which benefits from planning and efficient use of statistical tools.

Evaluating the measurement uncertainty is also a quality requirement. Methods are subject to random and systematic effects, which cause uncertainty in measurement results. Estimating the measurement uncertainty provides information about the fitness for purpose of a measurement procedure.

Our training courses cover all the concepts related to these quality requirements, and also provide experimental design guidance and the statistical tools needed to complete validation studies and uncertainty estimations. The courses are split 50:50 between theory and practice, and according to feedback, the practical workshops are invaluable in helping participants get familiar with statistical calculations.

We also have a course on Understanding ISO/IEC 17025 requirements for analytical laboratories. In addition to our scheduled training programme, we can run these courses and others on topics such as Experimental Design or Using Excel Spreadsheets for Data Analysis at your office. If you don’t find a course that fits your needs exactly, get in touch to see what we can do for you.

Find out more information and booking details here.