June 2020

LGC scientists support investigations into unlicensed 'medicines'

LGC has supported an investigation, led by MHRA, into the manufacture, sale and supply of unlicensed medicines by David Noakes, a convicted felon charged in Nov 2018 with 4 counts relating to the unlicensed medicine, and one count of money laundering.

LGC’s Teddington-based Medicines Testing Team supported the original MHRA investigation in 2015, testing samples (all of which proved negative) for the presence of vitamin D2, crucial for bone health and immune system function. Noakes had advertised GcMAF as a ‘miracle cure’ for a range of conditions including cancer, HIV and autism, with no scientific basis and made over £13M from its sale over 4 years.

Noakes now faces the confiscation of £1.35M in assets, including his aircraft, boat, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce and UK and Guernsey bank accounts. The £1,349,400.48 confiscation order means that assets will be realised and paid to the Home Office for distribution under the Proceeds of Crime Act Incentivisation Scheme.

This case not only showcases the great work of the MHRA and its partners, but highlights the danger of buying medicines online from an unregistered pharmacy, not knowing what the product really is, where it has come from or if its safety poses significant risk to the public’s health.

LGC is proud to have been able to support the MHRA with this investigation. Please click here for further details about this case.