Nazma, Manufacturing Manager

Tell me a bit about yourself

I have worked in the Reagent Manufacturing team for over 10 years. Prior to LGC I worked in Forensics at the FSS, and Orchid Bioscience in Oxfordshire. My team and I are involved in the manufacture of KASP Mastermix, BHQ Mastermix and Kleargene products.

Nazma, Manufacturing Manager

What does your job entail?

Briefly, my role involves coordinating my team, suppliers, and global colleagues so that LGC products get to customers when they need it. Day to day this involves reviewing quality data, troubleshooting, evaluating production and improving the laboratory environment.

What do you most like about LGC?

LGC is made up of thousands of great people with a wealth of knowledge and experience, I have always found that the LGC family are there to lend a hand and share their knowledge.

Best advice for new employees? 

At LGC we all work towards a common goal, ‘Science for a safer world’ in order to deliver this, you will be challenged, embrace the opportunity to communicate with your colleagues and do not be afraid to ask for support.

What is your proudest moment at LGC?

My team, like many other teams across LGC have had some demanding periods in the last 18 months. My team showed true resilience when we had to work through Brexit demands, COVID-19 and new product formulation. The grit and determination shown by the team, was without doubt my proudest moment.