Kate, Chemist II

Kate Kate, Chemist II

What has been your proudest moment at LGC?

I was persevering with a tricky Cyanine product synthesis which repeatedly failed to work. After months of hard work, I was able to synthesise the final product and meet our customer's needs. During these endeavours, I was also able to surpass the expected yields and purities of certain intermediates within the process.

What does your role at LGC entail?

My role is primarily lab-based, synthesising products to a high quality for our customers.

What do you enjoy about working at LGC?

I’m a key member of the team where we are all working towards the same goals. It’s motivating to be a part of the bigger picture where your work means something.

"I enjoy the variety of chemistry I’m exposed to. I’m able to apply my knowledge and skills to synthesise a wide range of products; no two days are the same."

Kate, Chemist II