Hannes, Team Leader Synthesis VI – Chromatography

What does your role at LGC entail?

I am currently the line manager for five lab technicians and two chemists. As a team, we are responsible for supporting the synthesis department (purification of crude reaction mixtures), purification of third party / purchased chemicals, customised synthesis and isolation and identification of unknown impurities.

Hannes, Team Leader Synthesis VI – Chromatography

What do you most enjoy about your role?

I very much like the diversity of my role. Tackling chemical problems, fixing technical issues, listening to and supporting my team and having direct contact with customers in sometimes critical situations – every new day is an adventure.

What has been your proudest moment at LGC?

A customer approaching us with unknown impurities in his material, and when we finally received an email stating that we had isolated and characterized the right material. There was one occasion where we received a telephone call and we could hear the customers’ whole team applauding about our efforts!

"Flexible working hours help very much in getting family things settled."

Hannes, Team Leader Synthesis VI – Chromatography