Dan, Project Management Team Manager

What does your role at LGC entail?

I currently manage the lab services project management team here, which manages the throughput of the Hoddesdon genotyping and extraction lab. My team typically manages between 100-150 service labs projects each month, from initial customer contact to data submission. 

Dan, Project Management Team Manager

What do you enjoy about working at LGC?

The thing I enjoy most about the role is that pretty much every day is different and brings its own challenges. Whilst one day will consist mainly of data analysis, the next may be going through the project setup process with an entirely new customer.

What has been your proudest moment at LGC?

I was part of a team that won an LGC recognition award for operations a few years back, for setting up a high throughput extraction and genotyping pipeline for one of our biggest customers to outsource some of their plant work to us. It involved two separate visits to the customer in the Netherlands, and it’s still being used now.

"I really do feel that LGC is pushing for Science for a safer world, and developments I see in both Genomics and LGC as a whole definitely set us up as a facilitator for a lot of positive changes."

Dan, Project Management Team Manager