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Integrated Breeding Platform

IBP logoThe Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP) is conceived to help plant breeders accelerate the creation and delivery of new crop varieties in the context of an increasing global demand for food. It does so by giving access to vanguard technology and quality services – for both phenotyping and genotyping activities – at low to no cost. The IBP also provides training opportunities, technical support and community space for meaningful exchanges with peers and other experts.

The IBP is firmly committed in democratising and facilitating the adoption of today’s tools for tomorrow’s crops by plant breeders across world regions and economies. To that end, the IBP website provides essential resources to optimise plant breeding practices.

Online resources for plant breeders:

The IBP invites crop breeders to register on its website to start tapping into this rich repository of resources and collaborating with their peers. For more information about the IBP, collaboration opportunities, and the partnership with LGC, please contact Valérie Boire, Communications Officer.

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