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PCR reagents

Along with our range of proprietary KASP™ genotyping chemistry we have developed a selection of both general PCR products and reagents for use in high throughput genotyping. We use them every day in our own laboratories so we know how they work and we are continually looking for ways to refine and further optimise performance.

KASP genotyping reagents

The patented PCR-based KASP™ genotyping assay is a homogeneous, fluorescence (FRET) based assay that enables accurate bi-allelic discrimination of known SNPs and InDels.
KlearTaq DNA polymerase

KlearTaq™ Hot Start DNA polymerase is a highly specific robust enzyme that can be used for many PCR applications.


KlearTaq HiFi is a unique blend of KlearTaq DNA polymerase and a proof-reading polymerase with 3' to 5' exonuclease activity.

KlearKall Master mix

The KlearKall Master mix contains KlearTaq™ DNA polymerase in a highly optimised reaction buffer, along with dNTPs required to perform general and end point PCR reactions (Taqman®).
BHQ® Probes Master Mix

BHQ Probe Master Mix is a versatile 2X PCR master mix specially designed to deliver optimal SNP genotyping results for high-throughput, ultra low volume, endpoint probe-based SNP genotyping.