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Desktop sonication device –
Diagenode One

The Diagenode One is the new desktop solution that provides small volume DNA and chromatin shearing for optimal sample prep.* Designed to fit any bench, it is the smallest and lightest Diagenode shearing device. The fully integrated cooling system and the all-new 20 and 50 µl microfluidic chips have been enhanced to deliver the highest performance.

Ideal for:

  • DNA shearing for Next-Generation-Sequencing
  • Chromatin shearing for ChIP analysis with small samples

Key application notes and publications

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Technical specifications

Shearing DNA shearing 200 bp – 1 kb
Throughput 1 sample
Volumes 20 and 50 µl
Unit dimensions 20 [W] x 28.5 [D] x 16.5 [H] cm
7.9 [W] x 11.2 [D] x 6.5 [H] in
Weight 5 kg (11 lb)


Catalogue number Description
DIAG-C30150001 Diagenode One 20 µL Microfluidic chips – 10rxn
DIAG-C30150002 Diagenode One 50 µL Microfluidic chips – 10rxn

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Please refer to this chart to compare shearing instruments for NGS.

* LGC’s distribution agreement includes EMEA, South America and Canada for all market sectors and the United States for the agricultural biotechnology sector.