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Genomic solutions

Nucleic acid extraction

DNA and RNA extraction products and services for optimised nucleic acid preparations.

DNA sequencing

Our service offers both Sanger and next generation sequencing (NGS) for any project type or size.


Genotyping products and services driven by KASP assays proven across hundreds of species.

SNPline workflow solution

DNA extraction 96 to 20,000 samples per day, genotyping from 1536 to 1,536,000 data points per day

The company is unique in the genomics marketplace with respect to our position both as a laboratory services provider and a developer of proprietary chemistries and instrumentation
Our solutions are used in a wide range of genomic research including marker-assisted selection (MAS) and breeding (MAB).

LGC offers a convenient suit of high quality, fast and flexible genomic products and services in the following areas:  

Our laboratories are located in the UK, Germany and North America to support our customers across the world. We have very experienced scientists that work with our customers every day to help solve even the most difficult challenges. LGC also run the largest genotyping laboratory in the world and have recently completed over 1 billion genotyping PCRs. 

Why should you work with us?

Our goal is the development of tools and technologies to enable genomic solutions both for our customers and for use in our own genomics service laboratories.

“We use what we sell and sell what we use”

We are the genomics products and services provider of choice to high profile laboratories with research applications in:

All of our products are available to purchase in kit format so that you can perform the work yourself, or we can do the work for you in our service laboratories.  If you laboratory has no capacity for an urgent project, our high-throughput service laboratories are here to help.

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Prices and ordering

Sanger sequencing
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KASP genotyping PCRs:

Over a billion KASP™ genotyping PCRs completed! Watch how many we do while you are browsing our site - works out at over 11 a second!