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Wheat genotyping library 

Wheat (Triticum spp.) is one of the world’s most important cereal crops. The association of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in wheat is challenging due to its large and complex genome, yet SNP markers have the potential to significantly enhance the ability to create new wheat varieties through marker assisted selection (MAS).
LGC’s wheat genotyping library utilises our accurate and robust PCR-based KASP genotyping chemistry. The library consists of two sets of functionally validated SNP markers developed in conjunction with the University of Bristol (UK), and the Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP), respectively. In total, we provide over 8000 pre-validated KASP SNP assays that breeders and scientists can use for the development of precision breeding in wheat hybrids. Bespoke sets of assays can be conveniently selected with the Assay Search Tool.

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Unlike chip-based systems with fixed marker sets, our wheat genotyping library allows flexible selection of informative markers, and easy adaptation to changing germplasm collections in individual breeding programmes. Furthermore, KASP genotyping assays are highly cost-effective, thus providing an economical option to use the same SNP assays throughout the course of a breeding programme.
LGC’s complete solution also encompasses plant sample collection kits, extraction and genotyping services, enabling breeders even in remote locations to apply MAS.

Bristol Wheat Genomics assays

This set of over 7000 functionally validated assays has been developed in conjunction with the University of Bristol, School of Biological Sciences (see press release). Extensive information about this project can be accessed from the Bristol Wheat Genomics site, in the CerealsDB section. Development of the Bristol wheat library is described in the following publication:
CerealsDB 2.0: an integrated resource for plant breeders and scientists.
Wilkinson, P.A., Winfield, M.O., Barker, G.L.A., Allen, A.M., Burridge, A, Coghill, J.A., Burridge, A. and Edwards, K.J. (2012), BMC Bioinformatics 13: 219

The Wheat SNP Database

  Varietal SNPs       99945
Validated SNPs 7228
Mapped SNPs (Avalon x Cadenza) 3629
Mapped SNPs (Savannah x Rialto) 1886
Mapped SNPs (Synthetic x Opata) 201
Wheat varieties studied 169

The core set of wheat KASP assays

Within the Bristol wheat library, a core set of 960 pre-validated assays have been identified that are evenly distributed at 10 cM intervals throughout the wheat A, B and D genomes. The even distribution of the 960 assays facilitates medium resolution screening, e.g. for characterisation of parental varieties and development of novel varieties in breeding programs.  

Selecting assays

The wheat library assays cover the A, B and D genomes, and all chromosomes within these genomes. To make it easy to find the assays that you are interested in, we have created the online Assay Search Tool that allows you to search by SNP ID, chromosome, and position (cM). Additionally, there is a file listing the assays separately by genome (A, B and D) available for download here.

IBP wheat assays

The Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP) wheat genotyping assays were originally developed through the Generation Challenge Program to enable the development of wheat germplasm in environments where abiotic stresses have a significant impact on yield.


  • Library includes over 8,000 functionally validated KASP SNP markers
  • Cost-effective and robust KASP genotyping technology
  • Flexible - pick and choose the assays that are relevant to your project based on genome and chromosome location
  • Convenient – use informative markers directly on breeding populations or novel cultivars
  • No minimum order – order any number of assays from the library
  • KASP assays are easy to run in your own laboratory or can be used in a genotyping service project


The Wheat KASP Assays can be provided as part of our genotyping service or as reagents to run KASP genotyping in your own laboratory.
With our Assay Search Tool, you can search for specific assays, export your selection, pick the required amount of KASP Master mix, and request a quote. To place an order straightaway for all assays in your cart, please use the “export assay cart” function and forward the exported Excel file together with your purchase order to
The assays are available in 2 pack sizes:
Cat. No Product Pack size
KBS-1023-022 Wheat KASP Assay Mix 2500 x 10 μL reactions
KBS-1023-023 Wheat KASP Assay Mix 6000 x 10 μL reactions
For enquiries about a genotyping service project, please request a quotation or contact our customer services team.

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