Innovation and development

LGC has a dedicated team capable of assisting and supporting bespoke research projects for both industry and academia. The team has considerable expertise in method development and validation of bioanalytical assays in a wide variety of matrices. With access to a wide range of analytical instrumentation, including LC-MS/MS, high resolution accurate mass, GC-MS(/MS), ICP-MS and clinical analysers, successful assays can be developed for a wide range of analytes.

We welcome any enquiries, regardless of size and scope. Examples of previously undertaken work includes (but is not limited to):

Nutritional biomarkersDevelopment of assays to monitor biomarkers relating to dietary intake. LGC has produced and validated robust methods for the accurate quantification of analytes for the purpose of:

  • Assessment of vitamin levels
  • Assessment of carotenoid levels
  • Assessment of phytoestrogen levels (isoflavones, lignans, etc)

Analytes have been characterised within a disparate range of biological matrices. The team has assisted in the analysis of large numbers of samples to support epidemiological studies and excretion profile assessment. 

Wellbeing assessment: Development of assays for the analysis of health markers in human biofluids. Examples of work supported include:

  • Steroid quantification in saliva
  • Vitamin quantification in dried blood collected using volumetric microsampling devices

Further examples of the projects undertaken by the laboratory can be found in the following publications:

  • Mawson DM et al., 2018, Development and validation of a high-throughput assay for the quantification of multiple green tea-derived catechins in human plasma, Biomedical Chromatography, doi 10.1002/bmc.4319
  • Ottaviani JI et al., 2018, Evaluation at scale of microbiome-derived metabolites as biomarker of flavan-3-ol intake in epidemiological studies, Scientific reports, doi 10.1038/s41598-018-28333-w
  • Hollands WJ et al., 2017, Development, validation and evaluation of an analytical method for the determination of monomeric and oligomeric procyanidins in apple extracts, Journal of chromatography. A, doi 10.1016/j.chroma.2017.03.030
  • Hannen R et al., 2017, Dysfunctional Skin-Derived Glucocorticoid Synthesis Is a Novel Pathogenic Mechanism of Psoriasis, Journal of Investigative Dermatology, doi 10.1016/j.jid.2017.02.984
  • Dickinson J et al., 2014, Acute Impact of Inhaled Short Acting Β2-Agonists on 5 Km Running Performance, Journal of Sport Science and Medicine
  • Dickinson J et al., 2014, Impact of Ethnicity, Gender, and Dehydration on the Urinary Excretion of Inhaled Salbutamol With Respect to Doping Control, Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, doi 10.1097/JSM.0000000000000072
  • Fisk CM et al., 2012, Fortified Malted Milk Drinks Containing Low-Dose Ergocalciferol and Cholecalciferol Do Not Differ in Their Capacity to Raise Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Concentrations in Healthy Men and Women Not Exposed to UV-B, Journal of Nutrition, doi 10.3945/jn.111.156166
  • Travis RC et al., 2012, Prediagnostic concentrations of plasma genistein and prostate cancer risk in 1,605 men with prostate cancer and 1,697 matched control participants in EPIC, Cancer Causes Control, doi 10.1007/s10552-012-9985-y