Veterinary services

Buyers need confidence that the animal they are purchasing is not carrying an injury and that the observed behaviour is natural. Therapeutic use of drugs can mask injury or alter a horse’s behaviour or appearance. Pre-purchase testing and sample storage reduce this risk.

We have been pioneering equine drug testing techniques for over 50 years and offer a specialised set of services on behalf of veterinary surgeons and in collaboration with the Veterinary Defence Society (VDS). Our service includes full logistical support, including sample collection kits designed to your specific needs.

  • Screening analysis – we carry out routine screening tests for a range of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), corticosteroids, sedatives and anabolic steroids. Under special circumstances, agreed with the VDS, we can also test for other drugs
  • Confirmatory analysis –samples with suspicious screening test results can be analysed a second time. An optimised confirmatory test, using internationally accepted scientific techniques, produces scientific evidence based on the unique molecular structure of a prohibited substance. Our senior scientists provide expert support and testimony if required and our case files are fully documented to provide results you can trust
  • VDS collaborative scheme –LGC works with the VDS to provide protection against claims of involvement in the sale of animals with injuries masked by drugs. VDS sample kits are available from your veterinary supplier
  • Quality assurance – we take quality very seriously, with control and assurance processes built into all our tests. 

Secure storage

As part of our collaboration with the Veterinary Defence Society (VDS) we help to protect vets from allegations relating to the health of animals - where injury or illness that may be masked by drugs. Such allegations can happen several months after the sale and examination by the vet. We securely store samples for six months after they are delivered to our laboratory. Storage costs are included in the cost of the special VDS collection kits, which are available from your local veterinary supplier.

  • Secure – samples are stored securely in tamper-evident containers, frozen at -20°C
  • Flexible – we can test immediately or at any time during the storage period as requested by you
  • Cost effective – storage costs are included in kit costs.

You can get kits from your local veterinary supplier or contact us for more information.