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Continuous improvement for efficient laboratories

  • Location:
  • At your location
  • Duration:
  • 1 day
  • Cost:
  • Contact us for details

This course will be delivered as an onsite course. Please contact us to discuss your requirements for on-site training.

Why do you need to be Lean?

For laboratory operations to remain agile and competitive in the market place it is essential to improve services whilst reducing cost. Increasing turnover whilst keeping costs the same, reducing waste and repeat work, and freeing up resources to increase capacity are common challenges for laboratory managers. Additionally, laboratories accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 are required to demonstrate continuous improvement in how they operate.
The Lean approach to process improvement was developed in the manufacturing industry but it is just as applicable to laboratory based businesses wishing to improve quality and performance within the work place. Adopting this approach has been shown to help businesses streamline processes and eliminate waste, reduce delivery times, maximise productivity, improve staff morale and ultimately increase customer satisfaction
This course introduces the fundamental principles behind Lean practice and provides a practical, systematic approach to delivering continuous improvement. Participants will learn how to use valuable tools such as CANDO, KANBAN, process mapping, cause and effect diagrams, Pareto diagrams, and performance measurement tools.

This course will help you
  • Gain an understanding of the systematic Lean approach to continuous improvement
  • Develop practical skills that will enable you to develop a Lean culture within your team
  • Understand how and when to use key process improvement tools
  • Produce simple, effective plans for successful improvement projects.
The course will provide
  • An introduction to Lean process improvement concepts
  • Practical coaching in the use of Lean tools and methods
  • A systematic approach to managing continuous improvement
  • Real examples of where process improvement methods have helped laboratories.

Who should attend?
The course provides greatest benefit when groups of individuals from a company attend the course together with a view to using the skills gained to initiate team based improvement programmes.
The training is aimed at anyone expected to develop and promote a culture of continuous improvement in their workplace, including individuals who manage day to day delivery, team leaders and project managers.

We can help you further

As well as providing training, we offer consultancy services to help identify, implement and measure continuous improvement activities. Our team of experienced practitioners will assess your requirements and provide a programme of work to help you achieve your improvement objectives. Contact us to discuss your requirements.