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Sample management

Sample collection kits

LGC has developed sample collection kits for blood and urine - used worldwide for sports doping control - as well as saliva and sweat. The kits contain everything needed for regulatory compliant sample collection and come in a pre-labelled box ready to return to the laboratory for analysis. For doping control, sample bottles are double tamper evident and International Air Transport Association (IATA) compliant, meaning your samples get back to us safely and securely.
  • Secure – double tamper evident bottles, 'sealed at event' label and IATA compliant
  • Simple – everything you need in one kit, including all the paperwork, needles, syringes, bar-code labels and even bags and gloves
  • Environmentally friendly –compact design reduces impact of production and disposal.
For more information or to order, contact us and quote the product code NIK2 NEW.

Sample logistics

We have over 40 years’experience of managing samples. We help a number of clients with bespoke sample management and logistics services, from assembling collection kits to pick-up, delivery and storage of samples. Our flexibility, experience and network of trusted contacts around the world means we can provide completely customised logistical support, designed around your needs and supported by our comprehensive management processes and systems.
  • Logistics – including global kit distribution, sample collection and delivery and courier management and tracking services
  • Custom kits – containing everything you need from documentation to bar-coded labels, tamper-evident seals, bags and bottles and gloves
  • Storage – secure storage facilities with electronic log-in and cataloguing for a range of biological matrices and temperatures from ambient to -80°C
  • Data – data archiving, electronic or hard-copy
  • Kit tracking – kit re-supply services with electronic stock level tracking and expiry date tracking.

Secure storage

Data, samples, collection kits... to maintain the integrity of your results they need to be stored securely and correctly. Not only do you need to know that no-one can tamper with them, you also need to be sure they will not degrade or get damaged or lost. At LGC we offer secure, independent long-term storage of samples and kits, traceable using our laboratory information management system (LIMS). We also store data securely in physical or electronic formats.
  • Sample storage – test your ‘A’ samples and then store them, along with unopened ‘B’ samples, for progressive testing or re-testing
  • Controlled conditions –store samples or kits under ambient or controlled (refrigerated,-20°C or -80°C) conditions
  • Retrieve samples – all samples and kits are logged on our laboratory information management system (LIMS) for ease of retrieval, expiration date tracking and stock control.
In December 2010 LGC acquired HFL Sport Science. All services offered by HFL now form part of the LGC Group. To read more on this story, please visit LGC news.

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